soaring tortoise

Homeowner’s Guide to Permafrost in Nunavut

After I had completed the book "A Homeowner's Guide to Permafrost in the NWT", the Government of Nunavut requested a similar publication. As with the last project, I collaborated with Craig Scott to produce a series of original watercolour illustrations for publication and was responsible for designing and laying out the book. See the NWT guide here...
Soaring Tortoise has been Ecology North's primary artistic designer for most of the last decade. We've been happy with her ability to provide quality creative and professional work. Jazmine has a great eye for detail, and is able to create lively designs and images that really make our work stand out. With a flexible and approachable attitude, Jazmine always makes time for our projects. Her rates are competitive and the quality is good. We'd recommend Jazmine to anyone looking for a designer.
Craig Scott, Owner CS Environmental