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Homeowner’s Guide to Permafrost in the NWT

I've been working with Jazmine and Soaring Tortoise for four years now. I keep hiring her back for a number of reasons. The quality of her work is excellent, both very creative and professional. She is able to create lively designs and images, and has a great eye for colour and page layout. Jazmine is approachable, easy to work with and always makes time for a deadline, which is very helpful in this business. Her rates are competitive and she always comes through. I'd recommend her to anyone who is looking for a designer.
Craig Scott, Owner
CS Environmental
This project was funded by the Government of the Northwest Territories, and led by Craig Scott of CS Environmental. I created a number of original watercolour illustrations for this guide. Craig and I collaborated to ensure all of the specifics were covered, including appropriate permafrost depth, ground cover and local vegetation. I was also responsible for designing and laying out the book.

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