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Teacher’s Toolkit

I was hired by the Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission to develop a website and logo design for Teacher's Toolkit. The toolkit is a compilation of human rights activities and lessons gathered by the commission to be taught in social studies classes in the NWT.

This design of the toolkit demonstrated human rights and diversity in the classroom in a subtle way without being too clich├ęd. The google font Fredericka the Great, a chalkboard font, was used to give a classroom feeling. A full spectrum of colors was used to indicate diversity. The commission wanted it to be obvious that they were responsible for the toolkit. I showed this visually by modifying their logo and adding it to a key shape to make it unique yet recognizable as a service related to the commission. The home-page graphic is a word cloud of values the commission would like to promote. The commission wanted to target teachers who were idealistic, passionate, energetic and open to change. Because teachers don't have a lot of time, it was imperative the the site be clean and easy to navigate. This was accomplished with large one-digit menu's, drop downs for outcomes and references as well as a simple, clear right-hand menu.