soaring tortoise

Tait Communications

Before Tait acquired its own in-house web expertise, Tait Communications chose Soaring Tortoise to work on website projects for our clients. We chose Soaring Tortoise because ultimately, our reputation rests on the quality of the work we provide through the contractors we use. Jazmine excels in all critical areas: she takes the time to listen to clients and understand the need; she is delightful to work with, and very accommodating; and she provides an excellent quality end product on time and on budget. We continue to look to Jazmine and Soaring Tortoise to provide backup to our own in-house resources.
Leanne Tait, President
Tait Communciations
Tait Communications and Consulting wanted a website that was northern, fun, friendly, accessible, authentic and professional. Tait caters to northern clients, many of which are private businesses and government departments. It also works with southern partners. Beading is a prominent traditional northern craft. Conceptually this imagery conveys that Tait uses strategy, fitting together different parts of a puzzle or project. The variety of beads portrays the idea of working with a team, partnership, and community all tied together into a single design. It also illustrates the diverse services offered by Tait. Bright colours make the website fun and welcoming. It was online for three years until a recent re-design. No url is available. I consider Tait to be a credible company and would gladly partner with them again.