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Climate Change
and Great Bear Lake

I greatly enjoyed working with Jazmine. She is conscientious, efficient and a gifted designer; she took the time to understand the project and created a design that really reflected the purpose and environment of our work. Jazmine created a user-friendly website, a series of posters and a fact sheet. She was always willing to answer my questions.
Lorien Nesbitt, MFC Project Manager Climate Change and Great Bear Lake
Lorien was working with the Deline Renewable Resources Council to research predicted long term effects of climate change on water environments of the Great Bear Lake region. She wanted to communicate with locals about the research she had been doing and how it might be relevant to them. Part of her research involved interviewing elders and people within the community on their observations and traditional knowledge. It was important that the posters and fact sheets used a combination of traditional and scientific imagery to show residents that their traditional knowledge was being taken into account. Climate change can be a grave topic but Lorien wanted to create a mood of optimism to help people move forward and take what steps they could to adjust to the changes. Some imagery we explored  included water, fish and snow. Local aboriginals refer to the lake as a "water heart" as it is responsible for so much of the local aboriginal livelihood. The posters, fact sheet and website design all explored imagery focused primarily on a water theme. We took local elders into account by making the font an easy-to-read size for those with lower vision.