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Gomde Centres

It was a pleasure working with Jazmine on our different website projects. She wouldn't stop designing until full satisfaction was guaranteed! Very professional, talented and communicative!
Michael Eisenbach, Project Lead
Gomde Centres are based on specific Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Currently there are centres located in Germany, Denmark, Scotland and England with plans to expand into Italy and Mexico. The challenge with this project was giving the centres a unified, yet unique, look while communicating with an international audience.

Tibet is known internationally for its prayer flags. There are five flags, each with a specific animal and colour. Legend has it that the wind carries their prayer messages to the four corners of the earth. The main goal of Gomde centres is to spread Buddhist teachings to areas outside of Tibet, so the prayer flag reference seemed appropriate. The template design I developed uses the same layout and typography throughout but the colour and animal for each website is different. These colour and animal choices correspond to animals and colours featured on Tibetan flags. These websites, like the prayer flags, are spreading Buddhist messages across the world. Because the websites will be in many different languages, I used a simple html font, Arial, which allows for easy translation. Participants are attracted to the various centres for the teachings as well as the locations. For this reason, an image of the retreat center was used on the main page of each centre's website.

I also created a main gateway website design. You can see this project here ...