soaring tortoise

Ecology North

Ecology North aims to increase northern food security and small scale food production through the book series Northern Backyard Farming. We created a visually stunning, fun and informative set of books. To date there are five titles published including: Chickens, Soil Health, Compost, Preserving your Harvest, and Spaces to Grow. Soaring Tortoise was responsible for editing, layout, design and print production. Illustrations by Alison McCreesh The books have been a hit, are on their second print run with more titles on the way. Thanks to Industry Tourism and Investment for their continued support in the project.

You can view the series online here
Northern Backyard Farming Series or pick up your free copy at the Ecology North office.

Soaring Tortoise has been Ecology North's primary artistic designer for most of the last decade. We've been happy with her ability to provide quality creative and professional work. Jazmine has a great eye for detail, and is able to create lively designs and images that really make our work stand out. With a flexible and approachable attitude, Jazmine always makes time for our projects. Her rates are competitive and the quality is good. We'd recommend Jazmine to anyone looking for a designer.
Craig Scott
Executive Director
Ecology North