soaring tortoise

Climate Change in the Tlicho Region

Ecology North has worked with Soaring Tortoise for the past three years. During that time, Jazmine has produced a variety of projects for us ranging from posters to booklets. Jazmine has been a dedicated, reliable creative partner who has always delivered good value on time.
Doug Ritchie, Director Ecology North
Ecology North published a book and a series of posters whose main objective was to educate Tlicho as the image shows this word with accents, it would be best to use the accents in this copy block and in the title at top communities on how to respond to and take steps to prevent further climate change. Material was designed to appeal to and inform those with lower literacy levels or who spoke English as a second language. A larger font size was used to accommodate elders with poor vision. The material attempted to meld traditional and scientific solutions to climate change. Ecology North wanted to respect the traditional knowlege Tlicho people had learned from living on the land and they did this by incorporating scientific findings with interviews with  local residents about their daily observations. The cover image was based on a sketch of a trapper supplied by Archie Beaulieu. The purpose of the book, and its design, was to motivate people to take positive actions towards reducing and adapting to climate change.  For this reason I used a colour scheme that inspired optimism rather than creating a sense of alarm. The books and posters were distributed to the four different Tlichoneed accents on Tlicho Communities.