soaring tortoise

Alison McCreesh

Having an art based business, I wanted to make sure that my website was aesthetically pleasing and representative of my work. Jazmine was attentive to my vision and expectations and worked with me on the design process in a way that made me feel very involved. I'm very happy with both the final result, and all the steps that led up to it. Jazmine was very foresighted and understood the needs of my business, and still, two years later, I see nothing that I would like to change. The website looks good and works well and I would happily recommend Soaring Tortoise Design.
Alison McCreesh, Owner Alison McCreesh Illustration
Alison wanted to brand herself as Yellowknife's old town illustrator. As a prolific artist working in both official languages, she needed a website that was bilingual and easy to update. The website was translated using the wpml plugin and was developed using Wordpress which made it easy for Alison to add and change information herself. Her website serves as a portfolio piece, comic blog and place to sell merchandise. Her main audience is those who have passion for Yellowknife's Old Town. As Alison's craft is visual in nature, her illustration style is the immediate focus of the website. TheĀ font chosen emulated her writing style often used in online comics. Alison wanted to keep repeat visitors engaged by providing dynamic content. Speech bubbles at the top of the page display the newest comics and events such as gallery showings and workshops. Search engine optimization was taken into account by using text as opposed to images for the comic book script in all areas. It was a pleasure working with Alison.